Theme Camps/Art Projects/Volunteer

What is a THEME CAMP? In a nutshell, a theme camp is a small or large group of people camping together offering an interactive experience for others. Theme camps generally provide services or activities. Sound a little abstract? A Theme Camp could look like:

  • a camp offering art supplies and a creative space to work
  • a camp that makes food to pass out to others
  • a camp offering quiet space to meditate, relax, or cuddle
  • a camp that provides music and a dance space

Theme camps often have their own schedule of events, classes, presentations, etc.
Theme camps are eligible for early access, and can enter Zenith on Wednesday to set up camp.

ART PROJECTS  Vermont is filled with artists! Maybe your art is photography, works on canvas, or sculpture. Perhaps you’ve got a large scale installation or interactive musical art. Many people express themselves through dance. Or maybe you’ll pour your creativity into a theme camp. Whatever the case, we want your art at Zenith!!  (note: if your Art Project incorporates fire of any sort, you MUST REGISTER it as a Flame Effect. Does it have Sound? Yup, that, too. Please fill out the relevant parts of the form below and your project taken care of to the best of our abilities! We want to help you make cool shit happen!

VOLUNTEER  Did you know that Zenith is a volunteer-run event? There are lots of different ways to volunteer and we ask that you consider giving a few hours of your time to help with Zenith. Not only does it feel good, but it’s a great way to meet new people!

First Aid: Do you or someone you know have medical skills? Like to help people? Love the sight of blood? If this is you, help keep Zenith safe by lending your skills at the medical tent!

Rangers: Do you like to be helpful? Are you comfortable being available as a resource? Have you been to Zenith before, or Rangered at other Burns? If yes, please consider volunteering as a Ranger!

Greeters/Gate: Be a friendly face for Zenith! Greet and check people in as they arrive.

Parking: We have big love for our parking volunteers! Let us know if you would like to help park the metal!

MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) Patrol:  Zenith is a Leave No Trace event, but we make it a priority to leave the space even better than when we found it. Join the MOOP Troop and help us ensure low to no impact on the land!