What is Zenith? Zenith is a 4-day participatory, inclusive, leave-no-trace gathering designed to create positive community environment through art, music, and fire.

Though Zenith encourages fun, it’s not a music festival or spectator event, per se. It’s not about being ‘entertained’, as much as it is being a part of an incredible event. Zenith participants do not judge, do not exclude, and do not leave of trace of their presence after they have left. Zenith does not host commercial enterprises of any sort (i.e.: there is nothing for sale here).

Can I only come for one day? While we do encourage our attendees to stay for the whole weekend for the greater sense of community, we understand that not everyone can. Day passes are available.

I purchased a ticket, but now I can’t come. Can I get a refund? No, but you can transfer your ticket to another person. Contact us for more details.

Can I bring my pet? No.

Will there be on-site food vendors? No.

Can I have an open fire? No. But you may bring a camp stove or use one of the community fires.

What’s the bathroom & shower situation? There are well-maintained porta-potties onsite. There are no shower facilities.

What does ‘Leave No Trace’ mean? Whatever you bring in with you, you take out with you. This includes your garbage, recycling, cigarette butts, decorations, etc. There will not be a dumpster for you to dispose of your things when you leave. It is your responsibility to clean your camping area and leave it in the same -if not better- condition as when you arrived. If you see MOOP (Matter Out Of Place/litter), pick it up!

Can I spin fire at this event? Whether you have spun fire before or not, you must attend the Fire Safety Meeting and get a fire spinning wristband in order to spin fire. Please bring your own fuel & duvetyne if you intend to spin, and only spin in designated areas. NO fire performing permitted without a safety/spotter.

What is fire conclave? The group of fire performers who unite and perform in honor of the burn is known as the conclave. If you’d like to participate in the conclave, you must attend a mandatory meeting on Saturday afternoon (see schedule in Center Camp for time/place). If you do not show up at this meeting, you will not be permitted to perform.

What should I bring?

  • Food & Cooler
  • Water & Water bottle
  • Socks, boots, sneakers
  • Sunblock, lip balm, bug spray, sunglasses
  • Head lamp for walking in the dark
  • Day Pack to keep your belongings with you
  • Flow Toys: Hoops, Staff, Poi, Fans, etc.
  • Blanket for sitting/hanging out, yoga mat
  • Positive attitude
  • Tent, tent poles, stakes
  • Ground tarp for under the tent
  • Sleeping Bag/blankets
  • Folding chair
  • Lantern or tent light